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Boost your productivity with the seamless integration of SalesConnect into LinkedIn!

Thanks to our extension, you can now enjoy full integration of SalesConnect directly into your LinkedIn interface. No more juggling between different applications, you can automate your actions, send emails and messages, and consult the data of your target, all without leaving the LinkedIn platform.

Save valuable time and maximize your efficiency by taking full advantage of SalesConnect features in your usual work environment.


Automate your success with custom LinkedIn action sequences!

Our extension allows you to set automated action sequences on LinkedIn, giving you a powerful tool to interact with your network.

You can configure specific steps such as liking posts, visiting profiles, sending LinkedIn messages, and sending invitations...

Define your engagement strategy, save time by letting the extension perform these actions for you, and benefit from an active and consistent presence on LinkedIn to maximize your impact.


Strategically engage your prospects with personalized terms on LinkedIn!

With our extension, you can customize your approach by setting specific conditions to trigger the next steps in your action sequence.

You can configure conditions such as visiting your LinkedIn profile, visiting your website, clicking on a link, or opening an email....

In this way, you can optimize your interactions based on your target's behaviors, by sending targeted and relevant messages and actions at the right time.

Use the full potential of SalesConnect by adapting your strategy in real time for exceptional results on LinkedIn.

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Download our powerful extension for LinkedIn and discover a new way to automate your actions, optimize your time and maximize your results


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