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Unlock new data sources

Customized 4G & residential proxy and scraping & data collection solutions to meet all your data needs.

4G Proxies & Codeless Scraping

Trichtdata offers a wide range of services to meet all your data collection needs. We specialize in providing quality, reliable and accurate data to meet all your business, marketing and research needs. Our state-of-the-art services are designed to deliver fast and accurate results, while ensuring the quality of the data we collect..

The residential, 4G and data center proxies offered by Trichtdata are available in all countries of the world and allow users to simulate their presence in a specific region. Residential proxies are IP addresses obtained from service providers internet access, while 4G proxies are IP addresses generated by mobile devices connected to 4G networks.

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Scraping without code

Retrieve valuable data from websites and use it to improve your marketing strategies, competitive intelligence, market analysis and more. TrichtData is able to retrieve structured and unstructured data from large scale and with great precision.

  • Large data scale

    Extracting data at scale from websites, giving you valuable insights for making strategic decisions.

  • Precision

    We have implemented sophisticated scraping techniques to ensure that the extracted data is accurate and reliable.

  • Flexibility

    We can tailor our scraping service to your specific needs and scrape websites in different languages and from different sources.

  • Speed

    TrichtData is designed to extract data quickly so you can use it under tight deadlines.

  • Security

    We use secure servers to ensure data is protected against any breach of security.

  • Tech Support

    We are available to provide full technical support and help our customers with any issues related to data scraping.

  • High Performance

    Our proxies are optimized to provide fast browsing speed and smooth user experience.

  • Flexibility

    We offer solutions tailored to your needs, whether for individual or professional use.

  • Wide variety of locations

    Our proxies are available in all countries of the world, allowing you to browse in a geographically diverse way.

  • Persistent Sessions

    We offer the possibility of keeping sessions to keep the same IP throughout your navigation.

  • Security

    Our proxies let you browse safely online, without worrying about hacker attacks or data leaks.

  • Outstanding Customer Service

    Our customer support team is available 24/7 to help you with any issues you may encounter.

4G Proxies - Residential - Data center

Trichtdata's proxy service offers tailor-made solutions to meet all your online browsing needs. With 4G, residential and data center proxies available in every country in the world, our service is designed for you help you browse anonymously, bypass geo-blocks, automate your tasks and protect your online safety.


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Business & Marketing

The Endless Uses of Proxies

Discover how Trichtdata proxies can transform your web scraping, SEO, marketing and more!


proxies can be used to perform keyword research and competitive analysis in SEO by hiding the user's IP address.


proxies can be used for online marketing campaigns by providing unique IP addresses for each account used, thus avoiding IP address blocking and increasing campaign reach.

Web scraping

proxies can be used for web scraping of websites by blocking IP addresses and bypassing security measures put in place to prevent scrapers from collecting data.

Security Testing

proxies can be used to test the security of networks, systems and applications by simulating attacks from different IP addresses and locations.

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Increase your competitive advantage

Accurate data and real-time insights for your business with our automated scraping service.

Lead Generation

Scraping can be used to extract contact data from relevant websites for lead generation.

Online reputation monitoring

Businesses can use scraping to monitor their online reputation by collecting data on customer reviews, social media mentions, and blog comments.

SEO improvement

Scraping allows you to collect data on the performance of competing sites to analyze them and improve the referencing of your own site.

Competitive Analysis

companies can use scraping to gather information about their competitors' products, prices, and strategies to better understand the market.

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  • 50 MB Data center proxy
  • 50 MB Residential/4G proxy
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  • 15 Collection
  • 3 GB Data center proxy
  • 2 GB Residential/4G proxy
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  • Custom collection


Protect for testing

15,00 €/mois
  • 40 Collection
  • 10 GB Data center proxy
  • 5 GB Residential/4G proxy
  • Ticket support
  • Chat support
  • Custom collection


Protect for testing

18,00 €/mois
  • 150 Collection
  • 30 GB Data center proxy
  • 10 GB Residential/4G proxy
  • Ticket support
  • Chat support
  • Custom collection

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