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We help hundreds of companies improve their understanding of the customer and optimize the quality of their data,
allowing them to make informed decisions and boost their growth.

What we offer

We offer global solutions for
meet all your business needs.



Get a complete view of your customers' behavior on different e-commerce sites, allowing you to better understand their needs and optimize your marketing strategy.



Identify visitors to your store securely with our smart system, while adhering to GDPR principles regarding the protection of personal data and explicit and informed consent.



Easily dematerialize your in-store customer tickets and invoices, while providing a smooth and frictionless shopping experience. Identify customers without collecting their email or phone.


Get valuable information on business contacts from companies, and expand your professional network.

LinkedIn Automation

Décuplez votre impact sur LinkedIn grâce à notre extension révolutionnaire ! Automatisez et gérez efficacement vos actions et vos connexions.



Access 4G/residential proxy, as well as no-code scraper bots, unlock the potential of your strategies.



Access prices for all products offered on e-commerce sites, allowing you to retain and attract new customers and offer the best prices to your customers while maximizing your profit margins and making your business profitable.


Datenly Analytics

Get a complete overview of your customers and follow their end-to-end journey. Datenly Analytics is the cross between the physical (Store...) and the virtual to optimize your marketing strategy and your customer knowledge.


Datenly Ads

Use our marketing tool to target customers accurately and effectively, by sending targeted emails, displaying banner ads on the Wi-Fi captive portal system or sending notifications in partner apps.

Complete solutions for
transform and optimize your business

Gain efficiency and productivity by centralizing your data.

Customer Knowledge

Get customer data from any e-commerce site and facilitate the conversion process.

Tracking in store

Track in-store behaviors and optimize your brick-and-mortar POS efficiency with technology.

Just explore

Business can
also be simple

Access the contact details of your target customers in one click. Automate your prospecting and identify visitors.

  • Identifying new sales opportunities
  • Sending targeted email campaigns
  • Customer database enrichment
  • Automated prospecting
  • Result Analysis
  • Identification of B2B web visitors
Web visitors

Identified leads

Optimize your strategy with accurate, real-time data.


Get the best prices for your products

Optimize your prices online. Get the most competitive prices on the market for your business with an accurate data-driven price optimization tool.

  • Real-time competitive prices
  • Customization by country and languages
  • Automatic price monitoring
  • Time saver
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Profitability improvement

A 4G/Residential scraping and proxy tool

Collect data at scale with TrichtData through its 4G proxy and codeless scraping bots for an accurate, fast, and non-blocking data collection experience.

  • Anonymity
  • No-code scraping bots
  • Speed
  • Wide variety of data sources
  • Location/multi-country
  • Precision

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