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How it works in 3 easy steps

CommerzData is a powerful solution for companies that want to improve their operational efficiency, better understand their target market and improve the customer experience.

Platform Choice

Select the platforms you want to connect to.

User Consent

We take care of the entire user authorization and consent process.


Retrieve your data in real time via the customer area or by API.

Valuable customer data for

Optimize your marketing strategy

Command History

Order History: An in-depth insight into customers' previous purchases to better understand their shopping preferences and behaviors.

The items in the cart

Helps to better understand customers' purchase intentions and to offer a personalized shopping experience by offering similar or complementary products.

Shopping interests

With your customers' purchasing preferences and interests retrieved in real time by CommerzData, you have a gold mine of information to understand and target your customers


Allows you to offer faster and more efficient delivery by using preferential addresses and avoiding input errors.

Profile Information

Retrieving profile information allows you to enrich your customer database with information such as age, gender, profession, marital status...


Use case of
the power of CommerzData

Business & Marketing

Analysis of the current basket with your competitors

By retrieving data from the current shopping cart of your competitors' users, you can analyze their shopping behaviors and optimize your own marketing strategy accordingly.

Understanding customer preferences

Knowing the contents of a customer's shopping cart can give you valuable information about that customer's product preferences. This will allow you to better target your offers and personalize your communication with that customer.

Provide competitive offers

If you know the products that your potential customer is considering buying from your competitor, you can offer competitive offers for the same or similar products. This will allow you to convert this potential customer into a real customer.

Analyze the competition

Knowing what products are in a customer's cart at your competitor's can give you a better idea of your competitor's product assortment and pricing strategies. You can use this information to adapt your own product assortment and pricing strategies accordingly.

As far as data analysis goes, retrieving data from a customer's current shopping cart at your competitor's can be used for product benchmarking, customer segmentation, shopping behavior prediction. 'purchase, etc.'.

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Command Analysis

By retrieving customer order history, Commerzdata can help you understand customer buying behavior, top-selling products, and times of year when sales are highest.

Offer complementary products

If you know your customer's purchase history from your competitor, you can offer complementary products that align with their previous purchases. For example, if your customer purchased shoes from your competitor, you can give him matching socks or shoelaces.

Customer Loyalty

Using your customer's purchase history, you can offer personalized offers to entice them to buy from you. For example, if your customer regularly buys sporting goods from your competitor, you can offer exclusive discounts on sporting goods.

Competitor Analysis

Your customer's purchase history from your competitor can also help you understand your competitors' consumption trends and adjust your strategy accordingly. You can see which products are popular with your competitor and find ways to improve them or offer them at a competitive price.

Improved customer experience

By analyzing your customer's order history, you can understand your customers' buying habits and improve them accordingly. You can use this information to improve your website, delivery policy or your customer service, which can improve your customer's shopping experience.

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Logistics & Payment Analysis

Knowing the delivery and billing addresses, as well as the method of payment of your competitors allows you to better understand their pricing strategy, their geographical positioning and their distribution channels, which can be useful to guide your own marketing strategy. It can also help identify high-potential customers and craft personalized offers..

Improved customer experience

By knowing your customer's shipping and billing addresses at your competitor, you can personalize the user experience by offering specific offers and promotions based on their region and shipping preferences.

Improving customer retention

By offering delivery and payment options that match your customers' preferences, you can improve customer retention and strengthen your positioning against the competition.

Payment Method Analysis

By knowing your customer's preferred payment methods from your competitor, you can optimize your own payment process by offering the same options or adding additional options to meet your customer's needs.

Identifying new customer segments

By analyzing your customer's shipping and billing addresses at your competitor, you can identify new customer segments not yet covered by your business and adjust your marketing and sales strategy accordingly.

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