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B2B/B2C emailing

This allows you to send personalized emails to your customers and prospects, based on their profile and their purchasing behavior. You can thus inform them of promotions, new products, and maintain a personalized relationship The benefits of this feature include deep email personalization, campaign automation, and accurate measurement of the effectiveness of your campaigns..

Wi-Fi Banner Ads

It's a smart advertising solution to reach a captive audience on wifi connection pages. The advantages of this feature are numerous: optimal visibility with a captive audience, customization of your banners for adapt to your audience, the precise measurement of the effectiveness of your campaigns

Partner App notifications

This feature allows you to reach your audience directly on their phone, by sending personalized notifications to users of certain applications. The advantages of this feature are optimal visibility on your customers' phones, advanced customization of your notifications, and the possibility of reaching customers who are not on your site or on your social networks....


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The benefits of using CommerzPrice for your business

Maximize your profits with our smart and innovative price aggregation tool.

Reach your professional audience

Target professionals who are likely to be interested in your offer thanks to precise and qualified data.

Convert your leads

Incentivize your prospects to buy by offering them personalized promotional offers based on their preferences.

Target users on Wi-Fi networks

Reach a captive audience and target them with relevant ads by displaying banners on the WiFi login page.

Notifications in partner third-party apps

Be present on your customers' phones by sending targeted notifications in apps they use regularly.

Reach your audience in real time

Target your prospects and customers based on their location to display relevant ads and increase your conversion rate.

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