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Why Comerzly

Revolutionize your sales experience with our dematerialized ticket management and customer identification solution!

Datently's innovative solution for the dematerialization of tickets and the identification of buyers with ease, without asking them for their personal details, thus allowing you to better understand your customers, optimize your sales strategy and boost your turnover.

  • Buyers identification
  • Improving customer knowledge
  • Online and in-store conversion tracking
  • Cost Reduction
  • Loyalty process automation
  • Precise Tracking

Comerzly use case

Business & Customer Insight & Marketing

Boost your business

Find out how merchants are using Comerzly to improve their customer experience and increase their sales.

Cost reduction

Thanks to the dematerialization of receipts, merchants can reduce their costs of processing and printing receipts, while providing a more convenient shopping experience for their customers.

Identification of regular customers

Comerzly allows merchants to identify repeat customers through its tracking system, allowing them to personalize their offer and retain these customers.

Marketing Campaign Tracking

Comerzly allows merchants to track the effectiveness of their online marketing campaigns, by identifying site visitors who have made in-store purchases.

Customer relationship improvement

By using Comerzly to identify repeat customers and personalize their offer, merchants can improve their customer relationship and increase customer satisfaction.

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Understand and improve your business performance with Comerzly Analytics

Track and optimize your sales with real-time data.
Get in-depth insights into your business performance with Comerzly, to make more informed decisions and boost your online and offline growth.


New Customers


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All in one

Comerzly, an all-in-one platform
to manage your tickets.

User space

Users can register and login to access their personal account on Comerzly.

View receipts

Users can view and download their receipts on Comerzly.

Searching for traders

Users can search for merchants equipped with Comerzly to find offers and promotions.

Advanced Search Filters

Users can use advanced search filters to narrow their search for merchants.

Realtime Notifications

Users can receive real-time notifications about offers and promotions from merchants.

Loyalty Program

Users can join Comerzly's loyalty program and earn rewards for their purchases.

Online Support

Users can contact Comerzly's online support for assistance with any issues or questions.


Allows users to share their purchases via email, whatsapp, etc.


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